10x paastak inspiratie


Make naturally beautiful Easter eggs using fresh brown eggs and a non-toxic white paint pen.

De mooiste paasversiering voor een modern interieur - Roomed

All you need is some blue nail polish + rubber gloves for this minimal monochromatic marbled indigo Easter egg decoration look.

Inspiratie om paaseieren en de paastak te versieren, maak eens een klein vaasje van een lege eierschaal en vul hem met bloemen. Eens wat anders met Pasen.

Great mappy idea for Easter (or a Bon Voyage party). These gold-leaf eggs apparently feature a map of North America & South America. Big thanks to Cathy Barber for sending this pin my way!

DIY :: Marbleized Easter Eggs | Camille Styles

DIY nail polish marbleized Easter eggs - This is a technique we use on fingernails. I saw this on a site and thought it was a cute Idea.However, I've never used it on eggs and since most fingernail polishes contain chemicals that shouldn't be consumed, I