TOILET PAPER ROLL SNOWMAN: Toilet Paper Rolls, Egg Cartons bottoms (for hats), Orange Construction Paper, Multicolored Felt, Wiggly Eyes, Black Maker, White & Black Paint, Paintbrush, Glue

TOILET PAPER ROLL SNOWMAN: Toilet Paper Rolls, Pipe cleaner and Pom poms for ear muffs. White paper to wrap roll. Multicolored Felt or ribbon for scarves. Black Maker and orange markers.

An adorable winter craft!

Spare Sock Snowman

This Spare Sock Snowman is adorable. Could put flax in it and use it as a cold/hot pack for kids. Would have to switch out the eyes/buttons for felt.

Faites un joli bonhomme de neige avec la peinture à doigt!  C'est une chouette façon de parler du thème de l'hiver!

Snowman craft - White paint on kids hands and paint away to make the middle of the snowman - maybe if you are feeling really creative try using a fok to spread the paint.

zelf "sneeuw" maken om mee te knutselen of om te gebruiken voor sensopatisch materiaal.

SHIVERY snow paint is easy to make and SO FUN! Kids can create snowmen and other works of art that dry puffy and are COLD to the touch. Shivery Snow Paint Recipe Shaving Cream White school glue Peppermint extract Iridescent glitter or buffalo snow

meer gezellige sneeuwpoppetjes, laat de winter maar komen

Make quick and easy ornaments out of mini wooden ice cream sticks, tongue depressors or popsicle sticks. - Actually pretty cute compared to some other popsicle stick ornaments I've seen.

Sneeuwpop 3 cirkels in verschillende grootte. Dikke rand wasco eromheen en naar binnen vegen. De cirkels met een blokje ertussen op elkaar plakken

Aerial View Snowmen

Do you want to build a snowman or in this case paint or create a snowman? Then take a look at these 10 gorgeous Snowman Art Projects. 10 Snowman Art Projects for Cold Wintry Afternoons Melted Snow…