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How To Make A Cloud

A few years ago, I had great fun creating some great big clouds to be used at the entrance to The Farm Chicks Show. But before we got them to the show, we had fun with them at home. The...

"when I'm 100 years old" portraits… Made these with Kindergarten last year. I love this idea for 100 days of school!

Cutest 100 Year Olds Around

When I am 100 I will look like this: and the kids will look like this: 100th day wouldn't be complete without crowns and glasses. Cli...

Monstres avec des pastels

How to Correct Photos with Picmonkey in Under 30 Seconds - CREATIVE CAIN CABIN

How to Correct Photos with Picmonkey

knutselen herfst - unicorns & fairytales

Knutselen thema herfst: leuke inspirerende ideetjes - unicorns & fairytales

Knutselen rond het thema herfst is leuk en er zijn eindeloze mogelijkheden. Denk maar aan knutselen met bladeren, herfstvruchten en meer!

100th Day of School


I have had several emails and comments about the Long I poem that I posted on Babbling Abby way back when, asking if I had created any similar poems. Guess what? You're in luck! I haven't completed all the long vowels, but here is what I have so far. Honestly, they're nothing special and totally created on a whim with very little poetic thought put into them! I am sooooo not a poet! This isn't a poem, but we've been talking about long /a/a ai and ay this week, and I drew up these little…

100th Day, Freebies and a Sale!

100th Day, Freebies and a Sale!

Did you have celebrate 100th Day yet? My new school is departmentalized so I am still getting used to the changes this means for me. I miss ...

This is super cute but I don't think my kids could do this. Great idea though!

School Day Love

What the Art Teacher Wore #141

Mondrian Monday: Ah, the day before the art show. Always 100% white-hot panic enduring. Thankfully my library buddy (hi, Barb!) offered to take my classes so I could spend the day unloading 400 clay projects from the kiln room and transforming the art room into a miniature gallery. She was a life-saver, I tell ya! Mondrian dress DIY: blog post here; shoes: from a friend Oh, hey! Look who said "I'll be right back on Wednesday with an art show blog post!" and then promptly when MIA. What can I…

Maak een vogel of dier mbv kranten. Bedek je vogel of dier met gekleurde wol. Een gekleurd kunstwerk

Aboriginal Inspired Fibre Sculptures

As indigenous art is a significant and important part of the study of Australian art, I inevitably teach several lessons a year centr...

Leuke verjaardagskaart, bij liefsvanemma

Leuke verjaardagskaart, bij liefsvanemma. Foto geplaatst door op

Bekijk de foto van met als titel Leuke verjaardagskaart, bij liefsvanemma en andere inspirerende plaatjes op

Lampion maken - De leukste zelf geknutselde lantaars voor Sint Maarten

Lampion maken | De leukste zelf geknutselde lantaarns voor Sint Maarten

♬ Kijk mijn lichtje, kijk mijn lichtje ♬ Zelf gemaakt, zelf gemaakt! En vanavond mag ik laat op straat ♫ Alleen eerst nog een lampion maken!

Leuk om de verjaardagen mee aan te geven of als cadeautje te geven voor jarige ouders of opa of oma etc.

#ballonnen , leuk om te knutselen met kleine kinderen. Foto geplaatst door _Eleonore_ op

Bekijk de foto van _Eleonore_ met als titel #ballonnen , leuk om te knutselen met kleine kinderen en andere inspirerende plaatjes op

when i am 100... activity for 100th day of school