Fun Psychology facts here!

Fun Psychology facts here! "When people say "you've changed", there's a chance you've just stopped acting the way they wanted you to.

"Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change." - Kushandwizdom : The Good Vibe

Mooiste Zin: "Hij is fantastisch!' zei hij nog buiten adem. 'Zo snel als de wind!" Deze zin heb ik gekozen, omdat in dit stukje zoveel adrenaline in je vrij maakt! Deze zin is te vinden op Blz. 121!

Translation: How gorgeous you are! (I know, strange sentence, but Dutch is weird 😝)

Kwetsbaarheid begint met moed. Moed om er te zijn en jezelf te laten zien.

(Dutch, which I can read and understand, but not speak) "Vulnerability starts with courage; courage to be there and to show yourself.

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Every day God is watching over you. I know because I asked Him to. Have a blessed day! (To my family and friends)

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