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Heyo! I am Kuro. Nice to meet you! I like Castle Cats and Warriors. I have accounts on Amino: Warriors and Castle Cats. Bye! Kuro
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I'm Iceleaf, in the Dark Forest

Warriors name and clan generator! Plz comment your names and clans!- Thunderleaf from the Tribe of Rushing Water.

I'm Whitebeam

Hi guys, Moonbeam Hamato here! So I love these Warrior Cats Name Generators so much Ive decided to make my own! This is my first one and Im trully sorry if U can't see it.

I'm Dustpelt

Warrior Cats Zodiac i got leopardstar on one hand i get to be a leader on the other hand (spoiler alert) leopardstar dies << I'm dovewing

I'm Lightningfern

Warrior cat name generator! Please write what u got in the comments! And I apologize if you get a canon warrior name, or just a really stupid name XD.

Warrior Cat Generator

Decided to remake my old warrior cat generator, which received a lot of attention despite the fact that it was pretty hideous.

I'm Windyclaw

Warriors name generator by (Fallen Stars At Midnight) [Shadeblossom]. I apologize if you got Stormstorm, retry with your first or last name. Sorry about that random "Leaf".

I'm Ashheart

On last names, notice there isn't an o. If you look after n, you'll see l, so pretend the l after n is the o. It sounds like it should be a name for a deaf cat- "WATEREAR!" "WATEREAR I-" "EH?"--- lol I got waterfrost