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Another character of Geser. Based on Mongolian myth. Tsoton "black" is uncle of Geser. Geser is his lord but, he does some sneaky things behind Geser.
Human Wizard casts the Mordenkainens Sword Spell
ArtStation - Khar Tsoton, Naranbaatar Ganbold

Animal Companion

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Dragon's Breath - HearthStone by el-grimlock
Dark wizard by Tsabo6
ArtStation - Kuan Kung Is Back, Wang Xiao


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More Dude D&D art - Album on Imgur
Torch Bearer by PointLineArea


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ArtStation - Kenku
Serene pupil by DavidGaillet
Aerie Mystics

Avians: Aarakocra, Cacaw, Kenku, Strix, Tengu, etc.

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ArtStation - Golem & Odd, Chaim Garcia
Resultado de imagem para d&d druid
A druid maded for an online role play game by chat called land of intrigue, I made this work in about two days with intuos 4 using corel painter 12 and photoshop cs 6


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ArtStation - Scribe, Stepan Alekseev
The Cultist - 2017 by RogierB on DeviantArt
Nanna by yigitkoroglu on DeviantArt


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ArtStation - Purson, Jim Pavelec
ArtStation - Black Panther- Zuri concept, Keith Christensen
The Roots of Magic by theDURRRRIAN


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MtG: Daybreak Coronet by algenpfleger
Abuna by IgorKieryluk
[OC] Hidden Forest the Tabaxi Druid : characterdrawing

Catfolk, Tabaxi

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Ighiz by yigitkoroglu on DeviantArt
Hearthstone - Razorgore by el-grimlock
ArtStation - RPG Character Set 08, Ernesto Irawan


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ArtStation - RPG Character Set 04, Ernesto Irawan
ArtStation - RPG Character Set 02, Ernesto Irawan
Orsik Torunn Dwarf Teacher by theviljackass


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Art Commission - (Homebrew) Drow Elect : Roll20
Monster Art by Simon Dominic Brewer - painterly arts and illustration
Monster Art by Simon Dominic Brewer - painterly arts and illustration


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Matthew blake kheseret lowres final
Lucius Malfoy by Asahisuperdry
ArtStation - Elder Scrolls Legends, Atomhawk Design

Face Cover

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Stunning Medieval Fantasy Art by Yang Qi
Alon Chou
Tempest by mattforsyth

Far East

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Mobius Final Fantasy Black Sorcerer by yuchenghong on DeviantArt

Full Cover

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ArtStation - Oracles - Immortus, XiaoGuang Sun
MtG: Tel-Jilad Fallen by JamesRyman
githzerai: these gith were bred from original stock to serve as scholars and scribes, personal servants, or hosts for particularly lucky Illithids when the Elder Brain desired new psions


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ArtStation - RPG Character Set 08, Ernesto Irawan


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Gob - Warlock Category by monpuasajr
Hairy Goblin by Kashivan


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ArtStation - Reginald Whispermouse III - Halfling Life Cleric of Soliel
ArtStation - Quelnik, Adam Barker


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Character concept design. This is stage 4 of the character's evolution. But the face should be softer, the outfit more nature oriented, and the attire more modest.


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Kobold Wizard by BryanSyme
Kobold Wizard - Pathfinder PFRPG DND D&D d20 fantasy
Kobold Sorcerer or Cleric of Vapula - Pathfinder PFRPG DND D&D d20 fantasy


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Minotaur Illusionist
Pan - Castlevania: Lords of Shadow


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ArtStation - Ipos, Jim Pavelec
ArtStation - Woodward, Akim Kaliberda
ArtStation - OBAKE, Luminita Pham


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Djinn by Tsabo6
2d artist Medico of ancient east #concept #art #conceptart…

Near East

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ArtStation - Wolf, Adam Barker
ArtStation - Klatt the orc of Kungan , Adam Barker
ArtStation - Orcs, Ioana Muresan


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