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a cake decorated with flowers and mushrooms on a table in front of a forest background
fantasy tree
ideas for creativity from polymer clay, generated AI
a person is holding a book with some bookshelves on it and flowers in their hands
Shop — Divine
a pair of blue and white earrings sitting on top of a box next to a cardboard box
Ultra-light clay play, unlimited inspiration and imagination
a pair of earrings that are made out of polymer
a hand holding three tiny black cats with red bows and crescent moon charms on them
Nerdy Little Secrets
two earrings with purple flowers painted on them sitting on a white surface next to a green sheet
lavender fields moon stars flower floral handmade jewelry earrings purple lilac night sky
Polymer Clay tutorial
a red leather necklace with pearls on it
Polymer faux wire – Polymer Clay Daily
String Beads (aka Faux Wire) .. Helen Breil’s free String Bead tutorial may keep you busy this weekend. This necklace is dusted with mica powders, sealed with spray and filled with pearls. ((( I so am rushing to try this one ! )))
a close up of a computer mouse on a white surface with blue, yellow and green stripes
Dan Cormier