Kyra Atteveld

Kyra Atteveld

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Kyra Atteveld
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Love this! Wish some would believe no one is jealous of anything! ❤️

You told me I was stuck. You told me I had nowhere to go. You told me I was weak. You told me so many other lies I believed, but I didn't believe those three. And now I can prove it, M. I can ducking prove it. YEAH THAT'S RIGHT, DUCKING.

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I like Twenty Øne Pilots Because they sound happy but the lyrics are depressing. Like me, I sound happy but if you actually listen I'm pretty broken<<<< Yea it sounds like me

how amazing the star of david is the symbol for as above so below a tattoo I have dreamed of for years

OK we have all the elements, fire, air, water and earth.I am and you are one of the other 6 pointed stars? 18 you would think perhaps because it's the brightest, but maybe 19 because it fits best with 11 in it's size?