curtain rods from ceiling create 4 post bed...I am in love with this idea.  :)

How to Make a Four-Poster Bed With Curtain Rods

knee wall barn door storage (open):

Before & After--The Big Bedroom

Dead space under the eaves becomes a focal point and smart storage area with the addition of custom mini barn doors. See more of this fabulous redo at thehousediaries.

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Sarah, hate the wood but like the track system and full floor to ceiling panels

Prachtige slaapkamer met blauw en hout accenten. Tref: blauw, hout, slapen, bed, wit, bruin.

A dusty blue wall color and sheer white curtains make this bedroom absolutely dreamy and romantic. The wood beam ceiling add so much natural texture and color that it makes a perfect accent against the very simple furnishings.

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Kast onder schuine wand van steigerhouten planken

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