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an advertisement for the company called coronation glory with cookies and jellys on a plate
Ain't nobody got time for This!
a loaf of bread sitting on top of a table next to a jar of jelly
This Seventeenth-Century Cake Is the Ancestor of the Cakes We Love Today
several small pies with green toppings on a brown plate next to each other
Medieval Dornish Cream Cakes
there is a cake on the table with flowers and other things around it that are ready to be eaten
Windsor Sausage in Jelly. 'Nuff Said.
Windsor Sausage in Jelly. I think the hardboiled egg/green bean spoke is supposed to distract you from how gross this looks. With emphasis on "supposed to".
there are two cakes on the table and one is decorated with flowers, leaves and fruit
Damage Noted
Who wants to come to my place for dinner?
a plate with shrimp, cucumbers and other food on it
Mustachioed Fish...
Mustachioed Fish...always entertaining at buffets - from The Encyclopedia of Creative Cookery
there are three plates with food on them
Holy Food-styling, Batman!
a bundt cake covered in sliced vegetables on a plate
Retro Cook-Off: Swedish Salad Mold
an old recipe book with two glasses filled with salads and fruit in them on a blue table
Prawn and Grape Cocktail
Prawn and Grape Cocktail | Vintage Recipe Cards
a cake with fruit toppings on it sitting next to other fruits and desserts
Savoy Fruit Jelly
Savoy Fruit Jelly | "When a salad gives you the finger, it's time to give up cooking!"
an open book with pictures of food on it
A Brief Compendium of "Are You Seriously Going to Eat That?"
A Brief Compendium of "Are You Seriously Going to Eat That?"
the cookbook snacks and sandwiches is open
Manual da Gastronomia Le Courdon Bleu
a wooden table topped with lots of plates and bowls filled with desserts on top of it
The Food of Astronaut Wives Club Episode 4: “Liftoff” – Behind the Scenes With Food Stylist Emily Marshall - Mid-Century Menu
Aspic Aquarium, 1960 – A Crazy Mid-Century Gelatin Test - Mid-Century Menu
Aspic Aquarium, 1960 – A Crazy Mid-Century Gelatin Test - Mid-Century Menu
an old recipe book shows how to make a pie with boiled eggs in the crust
30 Vintage Recipes That Are So Questionable, It’s Hard To Imagine What The Dishes Should Taste Like
Questionable Vintage Recipes
a bundt cake is on a plate with some green stuff around it and sauce in the middle
a cake made to look like a smiley face on a plate with silverware and forks
an advertisement for spam upside down pie
7 Vintage Recipes From the 1960s That Will Make You Gag
a plate with some food on top of green leafy leaves and sauce in the middle
Cookbook Love
an article about grapefruit prawns in a book with pictures of the fruit
How Exactly Would You Eat This?
a plate with green beans on it next to a sign that says pizzainoo
The Worlds Worst Food Photography and Recipes EVER - Paperblog
a yellow cake with cucumbers and other food on the plate next to it
106. Mustard Star and Holiday Glögg
an advertisement for chicken aspic towers on a plate with lettuce in it
194 Chicken aspic towers
Courgettes, Hard Boiled, Boiled Eggs
an advertisement for del monte corn with the caption change your pot luck
Chicken Cornetti - Mid-Century Menu
an advertisement for waffles with avocado on it and other food items
Creative Cooking
a wooden table topped with lots of green food next to a candle and christmas tree
Retro Christmas Countdown – Crazy Vintage Recipes
an advertisement for knox's food with broccoli in the bowl on it
there is a meatloaf roll on the table with two knives next to it
Retro culinary abominations that we're happy to leave in the past
an image of a sandwich with fruit and nuts on the side in a red dish
Log Food
some food is arranged on a plate and ready to be eaten at the party or celebration
a christmas tree made out of food on a plate
Go totally '70s and make a retro shrimp Christmas tree appetizer for your holiday party! Here's how - Click Americana
an advertisement for olives and ham super salad with green olives on the side
an advertisement for jelly cakes on a table with other food items in the back ground
Mid-Century Menu Finalist #4 - Jellied Tongues - Mid-Century Menu
an old ad for the good beef sustens, featuring three dumplings on a plate
30 Recipes From The Past That Show How Everything Has Evolved, Even Our Taste
an image of a plate with food on it that looks like squid legs and celery
The Celery Just Ruptured...
an advertisement for golden meat loaf on a plate with green beans and potatoes in it
Vintage Food
an old recipe book with instructions for how to make a ham and celery loaf
Ham and Celery Loaf
an advertisement for spam'n cheese ribbon loaf with meat and eggs on it
What Do You Cook at Home for Dick? Advertising Spam in the 20th Century - Flashbak
an advertisement for spam - beaneroo from the 1950's
an advertisement from the royal baking powder company shows sausages in a casserole dish
1936 ... surprise recipe!
an image of candles on a plate with other items in front of it and the caption reads vintage everyday, 8 stra
Wait - what? How to make edible cranberry candles as your holiday salad (1960s) - Click Americana
Luncheon Meat
Meat in a Can: SPAM and Other Potted Meat Ads from the 1960s - Flashbak
an article in the magazine shows a cake with nuts on top and other desserts around it
Can Something Solid Be A Salad?
an advertisement for spam'n'n'limas from the 1950's
The Food of Astronaut Wives Club Episode 4: “Liftoff” – Behind the Scenes With Food Stylist Emily Marshall - Mid-Century Menu
a cake with white frosting and cherries on top is sitting on a plate
an advertisement for a pizza pie with slices cut from it on a wooden table top
a painting of food on a plate with crab legs
Disturbing Vintage Recipes (and I thought MINE were bad...)
the cake is decorated with pink candles and moss on it's base, as well as other decorations
Crown Roast of Hot Dogs | Spectacularly Delicious