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Jihad is fighting with yourself to constantly be a better person. Stop believing the media lies DesertRose,,, عبر قرآنية

Jihad is fighting with yourself to constantly be a better person. But fools people Jihad in wrong way. they kill innocent people, make war. Thats so wrong, so stupid.


Tell the correct information practice it in knowledge, enlighten virtues speak Lauder than words don't blame the revelation but the ignorance of egocentric bigots read see it feel it evaluated with self recognition not word of mouth.

I sneezed today, said Alhamdulillah shiksh boo xode. Then I thought hm? Now, I know why. Alhamdulillah.

During sneezing the heart stands still for a moment. That's why we must say ALHAMDULILLAH to thank ALLAH for letting our heart beat again.

And the battle of persistence of doing good and great deeds and the battle to overcome any adversity, obstacles we face . "O my son! Maintain the prayer and bid what is right and forbid what is wrong, and be patient over what befalls you. That is indeed the steadiest of courses." [ that is of the matters [requiring] determination.] The meaning of Allah,s words

too bad its called Prophet Mohammad, he should not be allowed to touch women, to touch minor children that are girls. he should not be allowed to make decisions in regards to women ever. he is a rapist.

Meaning of Adhan

The deaf have never heard the beauty of the Adhan. We should be thankful for that. That's the beauty of adhan.the beauty of Islam.

Prayers Timeline

The Salat was made compulsory on all the holy messengers of Allah right from the Holy Prophet Hadrath Adam (A.) to till date. However the number & mode was different. & now in Islamic shariat the procedure prescribed is most perfect.