Magic(al) Mushrooms

Mostly unseen and overlooked ... Passed by. Looking down, there is beauty too ... Not just in looking up.
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two snails crawling on top of mushrooms in the forest with mossy ground and blue sky behind them
a blue mushroom sitting on top of a forest floor
a white mushroom sitting on top of a black ground
Nails için 900+ fikir | tırnak, oje, tırnak sanatı
Nails Nagel
mushrooms growing in the grass with text that says, what we focus on grows where is your focus?
mushroom fungi fairy ring
How epic would it be to encircle the ceremony in a 'fairy ring'? Fits with my theme of fairies having made their mark on the place without actually explicitly showing fairies
an orange glove sitting in the grass on top of it's back legs and feet
Невероятные, абсолютно сумасшедшие грибы (36 фото) » Невседома
a small green and orange mushroom on top of some mossy plants in the forest
Lovely orange mushroom
two plants with red berries on them are covered in water droplets, and one is upside down
- Hongo -
two yellow mushrooms sitting on the ground next to each other
a close up of a purple flower with long black spikes on it's head
Dunkles Fadenkeulchen (Stemonitis fusca)
Dark thread sprout (Stemonitis fusca) Source:
three orange and green mushrooms on the ground
some blue berries are growing out of the ground
Fungi | Cribraria argillacea ... -
a close up view of some fruit on a tree
Metatrichia vesparium
Metatrichia vesparium a.ka. slime mould. Found worldwide. (Fungi)
a close up of a plant on the ground
Lycoperdon echinatum
two mushrooms sitting on top of a tree branch
Wonders of the Mushroom World
Wonders of the Mushroom World - Imgur
a close up of a mushroom on the ground with grass and plants in the background
Flore & Insectes
fly agaric