Old school stereo system.my Dad had one.remember when all this was necessary?

Candy Lipstick

I loved candy lipstick! Even though it didn't even taste all that good - it was just cool. I remember being devastated when I left my candy lipstick at the city pool when I was little.

I can't remember what I had Holly Hobbie-like. I think I had curtains. I probably had a doll. I just know that seeing the prints Throws me back hard to my childhood & gives me happy thoughts!

This brought back lots of memories, I loved my Holly Hobby doll! {k} Absolutely loved Holly Hobbie as a child!


1980s Dance Music - A List Of Freestyle Songs

Things of the past ( 70's, 80's, 90's ) - Dingen van vroeger ( 70's, 80's, 90's ) ( Strippenkaart )

De ´Strippenkaart´ toen kon je voor 5 Gulden nog ver komen.

De diaavonden van mn pa herinner ik nog goed!

The dreaded family vacation slide show! Oh yeah.my Dad would show them right on the living room wall.

De Raakdop en opener

De Raakdop en opener, m'n vader had er een buitenmat vsn gemaakt

(Petje Pitamientje) Calvé Pindakaas reclame uit de jaren 80 (1) (Nederlands)

(Petje Pitamientje) Calvé Pindakaas reclame uit de jaren 80 (Nederlands) peanutbutter advertisement, the little boy was too cute!

Granny Square Afghan

Colorful Granny Square afghan