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the front door to an old building with statues on it
Pere lachaise Stock 004 by Malleni-Stock on DeviantArt
an old church with a green roof and red door in the middle of a cemetery
Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris - Our World for You
a statue of a man in armor holding his hands to his face
The effigy and tomb of The Black Prince, Canterbury, England
there is a statue in the middle of this room that looks like it has been made out of stone
Sir William Dove and his two wives
an old church with statues around it
a statue of a skeleton in a cage with the caption never illic mort v s
Poison Was the Cure
an old fireplace with statues around it
Inkberrow, Worcestershire
two pictures one with a statue and the other with a sculpture in it
piety and justice, wisdom and service - Weekley Northamptonshire
an ornate gold and blue alter with statues on it
Richard Pecksall | Westminster Abbey
an ornate display case with statues on it
Swinbrook-054 North wall of chancel two monuments of Fettiplace family
an old building with a steeple on the top and green grass in front of it
Glasgow Necropolis Feature Page on Undiscovered Scotland
a statue is in front of an old building
Dexter Mausoleum
an old stone building with a dome on top and trees growing out of the roof
Moorhead Mausoleum
the statue is on display in front of an ornate wall with skeletons and a man holding a cross
San Pietro in Vincoli, Grabmal von Mariano Pietro Vecchiarelli
a statue sitting in the middle of a garden next to a stone structure with flowers growing out of it
Classic Mausoleums
an old cemetery with statues on the front door and in the background is a graveyard
a small white building with statues on the top and bottom floor, in front of a cemetery
I see London I see France.....I see Flea Markets I want to dance.
an old cemetery with statues in it
black and white photograph of an ornate iron gate
forgotten cemetery VIII
an old cemetery with many headstones and crosses on the front, surrounded by trees
Mausoleum, James McDonald (1843-1915) in Brompton Cemetery, London
an old cemetery with a green door in the grass
1901, Art Nouveau funeral monument at Nancy, France. (see comment)
an old building with vines growing around it
Wiener Zentralfriedhof - Central Cemetery in Vienna
an old stone church with a steeple and cross on the roof sits in a grassy field
Old Mausoleum at Calvary Cemetery
an old cemetery with a clock tower in the middle
Père Lachaise Cemetery
an old cemetery with a statue on top and flowers in the foreground, surrounded by greenery
New Orleans-44
an old cemetery with graves and trees in the background
Highgate Cemetery – IndifferentReflections
an ornate carving on the side of a building with a woman's head and cross
Watts Cemetary Chapel, Compton, Surrey
black and white photograph of a statue in front of a building with flowers on it
an old monument with statues on it in the middle of a park under a cloudy sky
Greenwood Tombstone-Greenwood Cemetery, Bklyn NY