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a christmas tree with winnie the pooh and friends on it's top, sitting in a bucket
an old metal box sitting on top of a wooden table next to a white bench
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an old fashioned flask with three flowers in it's bottom and two ladies on the front
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an old fashioned chocolate container with labels on it
an old fashioned beehive toffee container
Vintage Décor, Old Suitcases, Old Things
Let’s Do Lunch
an old tin lunch box with animals painted on the side and red ribbon hanging from it
Animal Cookies (later crackers) tin from the 1920s. When emptied, used as a kid's lunch pail.
an old red metal box with cars and planes painted on the lid, sitting on a white background
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an old red tin with white writing on it
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an old tin can with a dog sitting on the floor next to a match box
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an old fashioned coffee can with the words ace coffee on it's tint
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