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Bird Kingdom by Kelsey Eng - Swan Queen, Sparrow Girl, and Crow Knight

How To Write Your Name In Elvish In 10 Minutes

How To Write Your Name In Elvish In 10 Minutes

lights of fairies

Tengwar Quenya (Tolkien) Author J.R.R. Tolkien’s Tengwar Elvish language. Lord of the Rings Movies

#danisnotonfire<<< This is the most accurate response ever.

Potter Cats...《《《《legit best thing I've ever seen

From 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' - Harry Potter Movie Quotes That'll Make You Feel Everything All Over Again - Zimbio

movallibrary: The only problem is that reality will still be there when you get out. “…the magic of escapist fiction is that it can actually offer you a genuine escape from a bad place and, in the process of escaping, it can furnish you with armor, with knowledge, with weapons, with tools you can take back into your life to help make it better… It’s a real escape — and when you come back, you come back better-armed than when you left.” - Neil Gaiman

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