**THIS IS SO BRILLIANT! Melbourne based artist Geoffrey Ricardo demonstrates his Teddy bear prints. This is such a novel and cute 'art piece'. The process can be modified to do at home with all those stuffed toys that end up thrown away anyway. GREAT decoration to hang in a child's room.

Do this before throwing out a damaged teddy light coat of paint <-- awesome way to preserve stuffed childhood memories, especially if my kid is anything like me with their first teddy bear love!

Fun art project

I loved the idea of this craft, but it's harder than it looks. Only the oldest kids were able to keep the lines straight. However, the kids loved tracing their hands and drawing coloured lines.

this would be so cool on a smaller scale for a craft room, kids play area, or a science project!

Could use this idea for "creating fire" with the Fire triangle components --- Huntsville Museum of Art color wheels, on a small scale would demonstrate color mixing and color families.

Download a free Customary Measurement Foldable to use alone or in an interactive notebook.

Fun with Customary Measurement Conversions

Customary Measurement Foldable is a three-flap foldable that can be used in a math interactive notebook or as a separate graphic organizer.

Spijkerpoepen is een hilarisch spelletje voor een kinderfeestje. Ontdek hier de spelbeschrijving en spelregels.

This game is called 'spijkerpoepen' and is played on Dutch children's parties.

Learn with Play at home: Science for Kids: Water bottle fountain

Science for Kids: Water bottle fountain

Water bottle fountain ~ States of matter ~ the air from the balloon pushes the water out through the straw! Activité de science : W,F, N

van lege plastic flessen Door Mijnthe

DIY with plastic bottles recycling. Instead of throwing plastic bottles away, why don't you make this.