Laila Laïla

Laila Laïla

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Thunderbolt By Roy Lichtenstein Media Used: Oil and Magna on Canvas Subject Matter: Person holding Thunderbolt Dominant Elements: Shape and Texture Dominant Principles: Contrast and Emphasis

33 Mind-Bending Paintings That Will Boost Your Creativity

Our Ends Are Beginnings by ParadisiacPicture on deviantART

Illustration art

salvador dali...only a man would paint this picture, dreaming he's be under a woman's dress

I thought this was an interesting way to represent the connection between humans and nature. I liked the impression given by this abstract style.

Roy Lichtenstein / The One in Front of the Gun Lives Forever

pastelfox on etsy

#Art by Elisabetta Renosto- Wow- this is incredible- tremendous emotion- Love this! Z.

L’Etoile by Edgar Degas or The Ballerina