Avoir une cave à vin quand on a peu d'espace est un rêve qui devient réalité avec cette colonne à bouteille astucieuse et parfaitement intégrée au design de la pièce : GENIAL !

I maybe like this idea with the wooden beam at the end of my bar. maybe the wine in on the side of the bar opening only. :) Diy Wine holder, (maybe bigger beam in natural looking wood where you cant see the bottle neck)

Inspiration déco du jour #3

With a wall of bookshelves for storage and a large central table, this room is a dream work space for any avid crafter. The freestanding bookshelves look like built-ins thanks to painted trim along the top of the units. The large table is tall, like a kitchen island, which allows for plenty of storage underneath.

I love how pretty & organized it is, and I love the idea of one big table for multiple people to work at (instead of a one-person desk). But I can't imagine sitting comfortably on such tall chairs for hours. I would like the chairs to be normal height