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Gender naming

Monty Pythons The Meaning Of Life - funny, monty, pythons, meaning, life.

Bye bye internet, it's been great

On Internet the NSA knows you're a dog.

Role models & science fiction

Keep your pop divas and reality star role models, we have our own. - Strong women in sci-fi and fantasy. I like this so much better than the "when did this." one, because it's not shaming the pop stars and divas, just saying that we prefer this!


Reasons I check my voicemail

Gender explained

Life still is a mystery

Texting as non communication 1906

From a 1906 issue of Punch Magazine: "Development of Wireless Telegraphy. Scene in Hyde Park. (These two figures are not communicating with one another. The lady is receiving an amatory message, and the gentleman some racing results.

Cyber Bullying

Funny pictures about True Cyber Bullying. Oh, and cool pics about True Cyber Bullying. Also, True Cyber Bullying.

Worf meme. Made by Lieven Heeremans.

'Lieutenant Worf', son of 'Mogh' (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Oh myyy

Miss Piggy and Kermit Sex - Would Have Called Sooner But Had Frog In Throat: This is the nastiest muppets meme ever! I didn't even think muppets had sex!

Will Smith on a Nintendo

Will Smith playing Nintendo on set of fresh prince of bel air