1st Birthday

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a birthday cake with one piece cut out and strawberries on the plate next to it
First Birthday Smash Cake
Baby's First Birthday Cake
Damn Good Peanut Butter Banana Cake
a pink cake sitting on top of a glass plate with a lit candle sticking out of it
Chowhound - The Site for Food Nerds: Cooking Tips, Culinary How-To's, & More.
a cake with pink frosting sitting on top of a metal pan next to a child's hand
Delicious Fruit-Sweetened Smash Cake | New Ways Nutrition
a first birthday cake with the number one on it and strawberries in the middle
First Birthday Smash Cake
Baby's First Birthday Cake (Smash Cake) - Super Healthy Kids
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a baby sitting on top of a box with balloons in the air next to it
Natasha Ashley | Ohio + Kentucky Wedding Photographer