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a person holding a jar with strawberries in it and water on the floor next to them
#food #fitness
a drawing of a bee drinking from a cup with the words faca no nos dias
a pink background with the words'a new era of me'written in white
a poster with an image of a man's face and words in spanish on it
@luaavibess ♡
the words are written in different languages on a building's side window sill
an advertisement with the words'nao posso erar igual eles, tenho consequent maiores '
Tchelo Rodrigues - TCHELO (INTRO)
two flip flops are sitting on the sand next to an inflatable ball
a sign that is on the sidewalk in front of some buildings with people walking by
a cartoon cat with its mouth open and the caption that reads, pesoa tu
com toda certeza
a black and white photo with the words um sonho? abracar jesus
a quote written in spanish on the side of a brown leather surface with black writing