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DIY automatic airsoft turret.

DIY automatic airsoft turret.

Hou vreemden buiten je mancave met dit DIY Knock Lock, een van de buitenkant onzichtbaar slot dat alleen opent met een geheim klopje. Aan de slag!

Adafruit’s Secret Knock Activated Drawer Lock is designed to conceal traditional lock mechanisms – unlocking only when a secret pattern of knocks is detected. Essentially, a solenoid locks secures the drawer while a piezo buzzer “listens” for knocks.

DIY Arduino Propeller LED Display

In this session we are going to design a Propeller Display with Arduino, LEDs and a DC motor. In this Propeller Display, text will appear to be rotating in propeller fashion in a circular shape.

Home Automation Dashboard - Projects & Stories - SmartThings Community

All the lights in my house are controllable through SmartThings, but not all of them are wired up to wall switches. I do have a bunch of floor and table lamps, which are hooked up to GE receptacles and plug-in lamp modul…

Build a fingerprint locking system with Arduino Nano

Dear friends welcome to another tutorial! Today we are going to build an interesting Arduino project which is using a fingerprint sensor module.

DIY Alarm Control Panel for Home Assistant

A simple touchscreen interface, powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero, which controls the alarm in Home Assistant over MQTT. Find this and other hardware projects on Hackster.