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An elephant might seem impossible to eat (okay, gross... no one actually eats elephants), but when you take it one step (errr bite) at a time, you can. Seemingly impossible tasks become doable when they're broken up into small, measurable, and purposeful tasks.

How Do You Eat An Elephant? I love this graphic but my old AP Bio teacher used to say the phrase in reference to our textbook and now the phrase is ruined for me forever.

for  Colourful Creative Mind Explosion!!

Actually love the idea of this explosion of colour to symbolise imagination/expression/creativity popping out of someone. Could work well for posters - black and white pic of Child? Not necessarily dancing.

I follow my yellow brick road!

The Yellow Brick Road is a famous road paved entirely of smooth yellow bricks, which connects the various sections of the Land of Oz to the Emerald City in the center.

Orange motivation

If no one want to take notice in my abilities I will work hard until my bones hurt. I will work as hard as it takes and they'll look at me a regret never seeing what they missed out on.