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a poster with the words growth minds and affirmations
25 Growth Mindset Statements and Affirmations
25 Growth Mindset Statements and Affirmations – Big Life Journal
the words teacher affirmitions for positive minds on a blue sky with clouds
20 Teacher Affirmations to Keep a Positive Mindset - Mrs. D's Corner
Teaching is hard, but we are strong and capable of doing all the things. Read these 20 teacher affirmations when you feel alone, when you need a pick me up, or just to put some positivity into your day. Blog post at Mrs. D's Corner.
a child's book about the growth minds and how to use them
Teaching Growth Mindset: Your Fantastic Elastic Brain
Are you teaching your students about growth mindset? Do they understand how the brain works? Use Your Fantastic Elastic Brain to deepen your students' understanding of growth mindset. This blog post will help you understand the what the book contains as well as a few tips and ideas for discussions and activities.
a bulletin board hanging on the wall in a school classroom with words and bunting
Classroom Tour: Decorations & Organization - Welcome
Fabric background instead of paper, more durable and less expensive. Classroom Tour: Decorations
a bulletin board with words that say change your words, change your minds and i don't give up
Change Your Mindset bulletin board
Bulletin board More
a bulletin board with the words growth minds on it and an image of a poster
Using Growth Mindset Affirmations in Your Classroom
Do you teach your students about growth mindset? Are you aware of the benefits of using positive affirmations? Combine these two powerful approaches and transform student achievement!