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graphic illustrating the journey of an anxious thought

This is Your Anxious Brain on Meditation Mindfulness asks us to simply notice the storylines we create in our minds without trying to change them. Meditation gives us the space to choose not to react to those things that trigger our anxiety.

Brain scans reveal how LSD affects consciousness : Nature News & Comment

In a world-first, scientists in the UK have imaged the effects of LSD on the human brain, and we now have an unprecedented view into the effects of one of the most powerful drugs ever created . These images not only reveal that the potent.


This Nifty Infographic is a Great Introduction to Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Therapy ~ ~ Did you know you can rewire your brain? Neuroscientific breakthroughs are revealing fascinating new truths about how we can control our brains to create new positi

Axon Rendering

The Fantastic Plastic Brain