Aangezien het buiten echt wel te koud aant worden is om kampen te bouwen( de zware verkoudheden...

Omdat het niet altijd kleertjes moeten zijn.... (Toertjes & Pateekes)

Parties & pateekes: Because it does not always have to be clothes .

Mario Merz (Milano 1925-2003) Igloo

Mario Merz (Milano Igloo: Although I was not in class, I looked up the artists presented and found this artist to be fascinating. I had never thought of art in therms of igloos and other modern structures, but it provoked thought about what art could be.

The Henry Moore Foundation - Mario Merz

Mario Merz, Objet Cache-Toi © Mario Merz and Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg.

Mario Merz, 'Igloo, Do We Go Around Houses, or Do Houses Go Around Us?, 1977/85

Mario Merz ‘Igloo, Do We Go Around Houses, or Do Houses Go Around Us?

Opera di Mario Merz composta da tre igloo concentrici. I numeri fosforescenti che si intravedono rappresentantano la sequenza di Fibonacci il cui rapporto regola l'armonia, e rappresenta il pensiero circolare in perfetto equilibrio.

mario merz 'Untitled (Triplo Igloo)' - art made using the Fibonacci Series. Where maths and art collide.

Illustration for one of his books by Klaas Verplancke

Seven Questions Over Breakfast with Klaas Verplancke - Deep Roots Magazine