Leuk contrast met dat geel

Scary Mansion ) Opening doors idea could be adapted in so many different ways A doll house that opens a castle a pirate ship a tree house outdoor habitats birthday presents etc.

Your guests will love picking out a piece (or two or three!) of their favorite candy from this ghostly bucket. Get the tutorial at Sandie Seasongoods. What you'll need: Black felt ($6; amazon.com); White spray paint ($4; amazon.com); Candy bowl ($8; amazon.com); White fabric ($9; amazon.com); bucket stand ($20; amazon.com)

26 Cheap and Easy Last-Minute Halloween Party Ideas

A staple in homes, a vintage barrel stand is easily repurposed into a ghost Halloween candy bowl stand- without doing anything permanent!

This+is+a+fun+x-ray+craft+we+did+for+our+preschool+co-op.The+kids+loved+it+-+especially+since+it+involved+a+little+bit+of+mess!  Supplies+needed:      	White+tempera+paint  	spray+bottle  	qtips  	black+construction+paper  	glue    1.+Add+some+white

X-ray craft

X is for x-ray.This+is+a+fun+x-ray+craft+we+did+for+our+preschool+co-op.The+kids+loved+it+-+especially+since+it+involved+a+little+bit+of+mess! Supplies+needed: White+tempera+paint spray+bottle qtips black+construction+paper glue some white.

Hoe maak je een spinnenweb van een vuiliszak.

25 Cheap and Easy DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas. So many cute ones like these Trash Bag Spider Webs. Many of the items you may already have on hand. I can hardly wait for Halloween to get here so I can use these.


Easy Kids Witch Hats

4 Crazy Kings: Halloween Kids Craft: Witches Hats made with paper plates and left over party hats. Sprat paint black and the kids can decorate!