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Draw design with a white crayon/colored pencil, then paint blue, and lastly after almost dry add/glue colored tissue paper scraps on top!

(2015-03) ... en raket

How To Draw A Rocket (Young Artists) - Art For Kids Hub -

Learn how to draw a rocket with your young artists! This lesson focuses on primary colors, shapes, cutting and gluing.

"looking box": Lichtgevende sterren plakken in kartonnen doos met gaatje. Schijnen op sterren met zaklamp. Doos dicht doen en kijken door het gaatje naar de lichtgevende sterren.

Great for my Girls Group Glow Box: put glow in the dark stickers or objects inside a box with a lid, cut a small hole in the box, shine the flashlight on the objects then cover and look through the hole to see them glow!

Klinkers in Beeld: Ruimtewezentjes van eierdozen.

Which came first the egg carton craft or the need for a carton to safely hold eggs? Here are tons of egg carton craft projects for kids to enjoy.

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