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The more acurately a child can name a feeling, the more useful. In to these words adding a reason why helps. "Terrified because I had a nightmare." "Confused and I don't know why."  "Proud because I did it myself."

For all the writers out there it can be difficult finding the perfect emotion for your character, whether your character is sad, angry, or surprised those words can seem to get a bit boring. so i introduce the Writer's Wheel of emotion. Enjoy - J.

Oh my god. Defenestration. The act of throwing someone out of a window that's great.

yeee I discovered the word defenestration a few years ago when I was looking through my grandpa's graded papers (he's an English professor) and I now use it on a daily basis isn't english gREAT

Who is the character? What does the character want more than anything? And how can I prevent them from getting it?

This actually works pretty well. Any time I have plot point planned out I get writers block but once I think more about the characters the block clears


protip: if u can't imagine urself dropping the mic after the final sentence of ur essay, ur conclusion needs to be stronger

The Terror Within (1999)

The Terror Within (1999)