Jolie Idée déco chambre d'enfants : des cerfs-volants faits maison | DIY kites To decorate a kid's room

Kids’ Decoration Ideas: DIY Kites

Couldn't resist these cute kite decorations - could make them in any fabric so they are a bit more joyful.nice cheap decoration idea for baby room Kids’ Decoration Ideas: DIY Kites!


Feeling pretty hot and bothered at a sizzling 42 degrees C here today, but looking at this nursery is bringing my zen back. That cloud cushion though 😍🌝

Fun cushions to brighten up your kids room - Those are perfect for monochrome rooms

Adorable Cushions for your Child's Room

super idee voor een kinder slaapkamer. Het houten laddertje maakt het helemaal af. Te maken met marmerstuc of kalkverf.

My son has a fascination with the moon so this would be perfect picture this. a bedroom wall, painted in blue-black chalkboard paint, chalk drawing of the moon, and finished with a curtain of white holiday string lights.

How many hours have we spent on Instagram! There are addictive profiles because their photos shows a lovely kids’ love. This is the case of @mreiness. This Danish mum creates pastel atmospheres to fill everything, we share the space with her daughter Nessa and the cat Leika and get lots of inspiration. She defines her […]

Girl's Nursery in Soft Tones