DIY Wall Decoration with CD DIY Wall Decoration with CD

DIY Wall Decoration with CD-paint a solid color and then use scratch art tools to expose the prismatic silver underneath.

Popsicle stick snowflakes

popsicle stick snowflakes - I can picture these painted silver with rhinestones hanging in the windows with Christmas lights. And kids would love putting together the Popsicle stick snowflakes!

How to Make Easy Paracord Snakes

How to Make Easy Paracord Snakes

Here’s a fun paracord project for kids – make paracord snakes! This would be a great craft project for a summer camp or nature club. Or make them on a rainy day! The completed snakes are fun to play with. This is an easy project for beginners.

Ieder krijgt een kwart van een cirkel en kleurt deze in. Nadien worden de verschillende stukjes één werk. Iets voor een sovales?

Everyone gets a square with a quarter circle, this is the end result- could be a good ice breaker beginning of year activity. Each student decorates the square and includes their name. Nice way to decorate the bulletin boards in the beginning of the year!

Van Gogh's Chair Pop Up Card Lesson

Van Gogh's Chair Pop Up Card Lesson. Have students design their own chair. Also look at other examples of chairs in art. For example, "Chair With Dancing Shoes" found in BMA's ART-TO-GO.


actual photo with kids painting the balloons class-auction-projects Great idea but link is broken.

neem een balletje klei, de rest volgt vanzelf :-)

Step Take a fist sized ball of clay, and pinch off a small amount of ready…