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a group of action figures sitting on top of a wooden table next to a tv
Harry potter ooshies
the wall is decorated with pictures and magnets for kids's art work on it
Schau was ich gemacht habe !! + extra leere Tafel. Kunstanzeigetafeln! Kunstwerkanzeige der Kinder
a baby girl wearing a blue dress with cookies on it's chest and smiling at the camera
DIY Cookie Monster costume baby & toddler {no sewing required}
Looking for an adorable Halloween costume for your baby girl. Check out this Easy DIY Cookie Monster outfit that is sure to please.
a child's room with a desk, chair and bookshelf in it
mommo design: NEW IKEA HACKS
Letter Writing in Sprinkles Tray * ages 3-5 ⋆ Raising Dragons
Sensory writing trays are such a great way to practice letter writing and sprinkles make everything extra fun! #preschool #homeschool #kindergarten #homeschooling #prek #sensory
a woman sitting in a chair holding a baby
Fit Pocket by One Fit Mamma
Breastfeeding mamas! breastfeed | nursing | nursing photography | maternity | breastfeeding style | mum | baby | cute | baby on board | breastfeeding photography.
a diaper cake made to look like an owl
A Harry Potter - themed Baby shower.
harry potter baby shower cake - Google Search If Rachy ever has a child I will do this for her
the baby car seat has been made with polka dots and is ready to be put in
Maxi Cosi set Oud Groen / Dots- Cabrio Fix
a baby is sleeping next to an open harry potter book with a wand in it
10 Tips For Photographing Toddlers - Greenorc
Most photographers invariably face a tough question in their life- the most difficult of all the photo sessions they have, and strange enough, the answer remain
a baby wearing glasses and holding a harry potter book while laying on top of a blanket
Muito fofo esse Harry Potter Baby!
a baby wrapped in a blanket with text overlaying the image that reads, 12 mommy mistakes you should never make with newborns
New Moms mistakes with newborns
Motherhood does not come with a manual but it comes with a set of advice for new moms from not an FTMs. Give it a read and know what mistakes you should not make with your newborns.
the only toys you will need for your newborn's newborn bedtime routine and development
11 Best Infant Toys For Development and Stimulation
Best Newborn Toys For Development and Stimulation – Just Simply Mom Keep your baby occupied and learning with these great toys up to 6 months old