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Lea Juric
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I am onto you Once Upon a Time. Emma Swan is undoubtably the Swan Princess. I mean the name.. the wardrobe.. princess. Coincidence.. I think not. OUAT

Disneys attempt to slide in the swan princess ;-) sneaky sneaky <-- but its not owned by Disney.it was probably more Adam & Eddy

Who else thinks that Regina will do the swan curse on Emma because she brought Marian back

At the end of the finale did Emma swan remind anyone else of the Swan princess?<-- OhMyGoodness SWAN Princess, Emma SWAN that was not coincidence! She's always been the Swan princess!

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Worlds Hottest crier goes to Robbie Kay.what He still looks cute even when he cries.

By the way Peter cried when the shadow took his son away he obviously did care for rumple and when he's like "I never forgot about you! why do you think I call myself Peter Pan!" Ugh OUAT does such a good job of humanizing all the villains.