Science/Small Manip - Creative "racetrack" for cars. Creates a secure platform for children to race cars down the ramps. Children could extend this to use different items (balls, blocks, marbles) to see how quickly different objects roll down the ramps.

Today we made some simple 'racing tubes' for the matchbox cars. I just cut the ends of some paper towel tubes so they could be taped flat t.

Voor kindjes met geen fijne motoriek die toch graag tekenen

Speeding Markers

Tape marker to toy cars and have at it. Toddlers will have loads of laughs pushing their toy cars while making a picture.

which way are the vehicles going?

which way are the vehicles going?

Free printable Math Games. Incredible site. Some fantastic online games too! Kids (and adults) will love these!

The traffic jam game (also called the rush hour game) caught my imagination the moment my eyes set on it. It's such a great game for teaching logical thinking to kids