DIY sports ball storage -- 12 easy garage organization tips

12 tips for DIY garage organization

Keep all that sports equipment from roaming the garage floor by storing balls up and out of the way with bungee cords

Ikea hack - make a garage or basement work bench from (at least) 2 Ikea Trofast storage units & a slab of cheap but sturdy countertop material

My Ikea hack: Work bench made from Ikea Trofast storage units

IKEA Hackers: Work bench made from Trofast toy storage units Would be perfect for hubby's room, if it is humanly possible to organize it at this point.

boot rack

love this rain boot storage idea.very few creatures could make a home here and no tracking in wet muddy boots! definitely love this idea

Haha...I need the man that thinks his shed needs to look like this ;) get organized.  It's about more than golfing, boating,  and beaches;  it's about a lifestyle! KW

How to Organize Your Garage

This is a cool storage idea by Ashbee Design it uses PVC to organize garden tools.this would be an easy DIY project for and garden shed or garage.

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