Crib with decal. I managed to somehow survive this unsafe crib as did my kids! Oh gosh , this looks just like the baby bed I slept in , i remember climbing out of it to get in the bed with mama and daddy

poetsen met een beetje olie...

A new pair of black patent leather Mary Jane shoes every year for Easter. All grown up and still like patent leather shoes.

Randjes borduren

I remember doing this in Junior school, hated it back then, now love cross stitching!

Things of the past ( 70's, 80's, 90's ) - Dingen van vroeger ( 70's, 80's, 90's ) ( Poëzieplaatjes )

Cute vintage children in occupations - these are a wee bit better. Still on sale at New Lanark Mill in the vintage sweet shop.

De hete pannen op deze onderzetters zetten

Onderzetters,deze hadden wij vroeger ook thuis / Coasters for pots and pans, my mother had the same ones

Mama, je bent de liefste van de hééééle wereld.......vroeger hadden we Heintje nu Marco Borsato

I still have my parent's Heintje records. Used one of his songs at my Mum's funeral: "Mama".