Wasmachine en droger netjes weg gewerkt achter steigerhouten deuren♥

Idea for cottage armoire - add upper cupboard for storage of blankets and out-of-season clothing - nearly ceiling height

Kastenwand steigerhout  Made by @klusbedrijfJitzeVeldstra

I've been looking for an awesome closet door to replace those ugly sliding ones!

natural wood tones mixed with paint and rustic hardware on hutch or cabinet

Natural wood is an extraordinary material, full of substance, personality, identity and warmth at the same time. From time to time we stumble into pieces of wood in different shapes that we overloo…

Simpel zelf zeefdrukken. DIY-saffier FM: DIY t-shirt pimpen

screen printing with modpodge and pantyhose. stretch pantyhose over embroidery hoop trace design paint modpodge onto areas not to be painted let dry place onto fabric then apply acrylic paint and spread evenly lift off carefully and allow to dry.

Steigerhout kajuitbed met fruitkistjes, steigerhout bedden, bed steigerhout, steigerhouten bed, steigerhout bed by Livengo.nl

Steigerhout 'Kajuitbed met fruitkistjes' by Livengo. Scafold 'Cabinbed with fruitcases' by Livengo.

Stoer en handig clipbord om allerlei spullen aan op te hangen, zoals jassen, knuffels en tassen.

kinda cute for a lil boys room for hanging backpack or sports bag after practice

Shabby Chic and more...: Was mache ich mit einer Palette?

Ah the love of pallets--lovely idea for a shelf! pallet - But NOT in my house; maybe the sun porch :)