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a dandelion with water droplets hanging from it
I Just Can't Stop Loving You
Macro Photograph of Dewdrops by Sharon Johnstone
an aerial view of the ocean and land from space, with blue water in the foreground
an orange and brown rock with some blue paint on it
rwrightstudios - Etsy Ireland
De Russische fotograaf Alexey Kljatov maakt haarscherpe macrofoto's van de sneeuwvlokjes die op zijn balkon vallen.
closeup of the wood grains on an old tree trunk that has been turned into a spiral
an image of three nautishes on wood
Abstract chambered nautilus by Garry Gay
an abstract painting of dandelions and other flowers
Redirect Notice
Avec sel pour texture. Liquide à masquer ou crayon gel blanc
some water bubbles are seen in this close up photo, and it looks like they have been
Aceite y agua
several seashells are arranged in rows on the sand, with sunlight shining through them
Vintage Sea Shells Revisited by CynLynn
Gorgeous shells. When I find an especially pretty one it's SO exciting!
white mushrooms growing on the side of a tree
a quieter storm
a quieter storm
an orange and brown rock with some blue paint on it
Janet Little