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a white bench sitting next to a tree on top of a cement slab covered ground
a wooden bench sitting under a pergolated trellis next to two planters
an outdoor dining area is lit up at night, with steps leading to the patio
an outdoor dining table and bench with potted plants
a wooden bench sitting in the middle of a lush green yard
Onderhoudsvriendelijke achtertuin met vaste beplanting
an outdoor living area is shown in this 3d image, with furniture and plants on the ground
an outdoor dining area with benches and potted trees on the wall, along with artificial grass
an aerial view of a patio with plants
Tuinontwerp groene stadstuin - ErZitMeerInJeTuin
a white fenced in area with grass and plants next to it, including a fire pit
an image of different types of flowers and plants on a white board with words describing them