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an orange door is in front of a colorful wall
Joe Geis Studio | Design, Murals, Art
a pink wall with lots of different items on it
Happy Colors
Colors by Aline Houdé-Diebolt, via Behance
the street is covered in multicolored paint
Ariel Rosado
a pink light is shining on the floor next to a tall pole in a dark room
Owen Schmit
It'd be cool if we could get a neon rectangle to hang on the wall, and people could take photos inside of it, like it would be the frame around them. Owen Schmit. Untitled (pink), 2007 Electroluminescent wire
the shelves are decorated with art and decorative items
Trend Alert: 1980s Memphis Design
Trend Alert: 1980s Memphis Design
a pink and blue building with a yellow clock on it's front door is shown
pink, blue, and salmon
a colorful basketball sitting on top of a purple and pink table next to an orange wall
Photography image inspiration on Designspiration
Designspiration — Design Inspiration
a large metal sculpture with many different colored stars on it's top and bottom
neon boneyard — lune travels blog
the stairs are painted pink, purple and blue
Opening Ceremony Tokyo • Zilverblauw
Opening Ceremony Tokyo, by Zilverblauw
blue and white stairs with polka dots on them
Opening Ceremony Tokyo • Zilverblauw
Opening Ceremony Tokyo, by Zilverblauw
a pink and blue water bottle sitting on the ground
an empty room with yellow light coming from it
Light sculpture by Dan Flavin
an image of a pink and blue beach scene
ESPRIT + M.E.S.H. + Tallesen + Urulu