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two blue birds are flying in the air
DougMark Productions
an old window with purple flowers growing out of it
All Things Beautiful
followthewestwind: (via Pinterest)
a close up view of a dandelion with white and brown petals on it
suavidad may be only a humble weed but look at the way it's put together...Amazing!!! Even the most humble of us has something of great beauty:):):)
a field full of red flowers with grass in the foreground
Rainbow Fields of Flowers
Rainbow Fields of Flowers
a dandelion with drops of water on it's top and bottom half
Euphoria - nature | Cakra.jpg | by sfipul |...
blue berries are covered in ice on a branch
A very late harvest
Winter *❄~*.Wishes & Dreams.*~❄* Iced Berries & Sparkling Boughs
a man in a small boat on the water with a quote from rumi that reads, out beyond ideas of wronging and rightfolding there is a field i'll'll meet you there
If only mornings began here.... Backwaters, Kerala, India
a heart shaped tree in the middle of a forest with an inspirational quote on it
Love Tree
a white vase filled with lots of pink and white flowers on a tablecloth covered surface
Color Me Pretty
Color Me Pretty
a small bird perched on top of a cupcake hanging from a tree in the snow
Inspiring & Dreamy: Photo
an orange and pink flower with green leaves in the background
Flowers Like Jeweled Carpet
Amazing looking flowers!(-
pink flowers blooming on the branches of a tree
Inspiring Photo: Japanese Magnolia Tree #11489580
Magnolia tree
the trees are covered with moss and hanging from them
Live Oaks
Live Oaks near Charleston SC. by By Bill Swindaman