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a man sitting at a table with a plate of food in front of him
Советские плакаты (55 картинок)
an old russian poster shows two children looking at each other's book, with a portrait of stalin in the background
Пионер - всем детям пример
a drawing of a rocket ship flying through the air with stars in the sky behind it
russian matchbox label
Pin Up, Draw, Yuri, Drawings, Poster, Rusko
""There's no god! / Бога Нет!" Retro 1960's USSR anti-religious propaganda poster of Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin in Space" Photographic Print for Sale by dru1138
an old russian poster shows a woman with flowers in her hand
Агітацыйны | Page 47 | БЕЛАРУСКІ ПЛАКАТ
an old propaganda poster shows two bears in space, one is holding a rocket and the other has a dog
Shop - Arna Miller Designs
Communism, Russian Art, Communist Propaganda
Мощная армия России. Сильная экономика Китая
a poster with a boy holding his hand up in front of him and the words truth written on it
Педагогический плакат
Constructivism, Feminism Poster, Comic Book Cover, Propaganda Posters
История политического плаката в Праге
Vintage Poster Art, Political Posters, Propaganda Art
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a woman with a red bandana is holding her finger to her mouth
Как издеваются над старыми плакатами
a stamp with two dogs wearing sweaters on it's back, and the words beka n c tpeka written below
russian matchbox label
an old russian poster shows a woman in red coat and hat holding a map with planes on it
Авиационные рекламные плакаты СССР 20-х - 30-х годов
Baseball, Vintage Soviet, Workers Day, International Workers Day, Labour Day
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an old russian poster with a woman holding flowers
Кокорекин Алексей Алексеевич (1906–1959)