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We hebben zelf het idee dat we best aardig kunnen Photoshoppen, maar als we zien wat…

After the photoshop talents of the young Russian artist Max Asabin, I invite you to discover the work of Viktoria Solidarnyh, an Ukrainian artist who reveals t

Final product image

Final product image

An E-Gallery Of Video Games’ Finest Pixel Art, But Who Owns It? | The Creators Project

Noirlac, a Paris-based designer and Ubisoft video game developer, uses screenshots from old video games to create pixel art animated GIFs that highlight sp

Pixelart Landscape 3 by Josiah-sparklepants

EGH, it is finally done, my third installment of my pixelart landscape series Here is a progress animation to any of those who are into that freaky busi.

Les créations animées de Waneella, pixel artiste | Webdesigner Trends

waneella: “ Preparing pixel art video backgrounds for classical music concerts performed by Škola Crew. The first program of the cycle consists of pieces by English composers such as William Byrd, Benjamin Britten etc.