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an advertisement with many different items for kids to use in the kitchen and play area
DIY Instruments for Exploring Music with Kids
Exploring Music with Kids by making your own . Create musical opportunities for fun! Turn up the music for a little afternoon dance party. Let's get started!
a person pointing at a printed circuit board
Yougn Entrepaneurs
Workshop Touchboard
a person's hand is pointing at a circuit board
Touch Board kit combines an Arduino heart with touch sensors, conductive paint
Touch Board kit combines an Arduino heart with touch sensors, conductive paint
a young boy is playing with an interactive piano
Makey Makey Floor Piano
LIBRARY AS MAKERSPACE: Makey Makey Floor Piano
an orange piece of paper with different colored arrows on it and two pairs of shoes in the middle
Makey Makey Dance Revolution
Picture of Makey Makey Dance Revolution
musical instruments and crafts for kids
Musical Instrument Crafts
Musical Instrument Crafts - Fun Family Crafts
20 music science experiments, crafts and toys
Discover More: Music and the Science of Sound
Music Science Activities for kids! ♫ CLICK to read more or RE-PIN for later! ♫
a cardboard box with a blue toothbrush inside on a green surface, top view
How To: Make a Shoe-Box Guitar
Shoe-Box Guitar -- Consider this old-fashioned geetar a much needed break from Rock Band. (You might want to start saving the rubber band that wraps your daily newspaper, by the way.) Click on pix for full description on how to make Shoe-Box Guitar.
25 diy musical instruments that kids can actually play with their own hands and feet
25 Easy DIY Musical Instruments
These 25 DIY musical instruments are perfect because not only are they inexpensive to make, but also totally playable. Jam on!
a poster with pictures of children's arts and crafts, including plastic cups, paper plates
10 DIY Music Shakers and 4 Shaker Activities.
Get musical with your kids - it doesn't have to be hard! Try these 10 DIY music shaker ideas and 4 easy music activities
a piece of paper with some buttons attached to it and string wrapped around the top
Kids' Party Crafts
Noisemakers What's a birthday party without some noise? Kids will enjoy making these festive noisemakers almost as much as they'll like using them. When it's time to go home, guests can keep their colorful creations as party favors.
Top 10 Musical Instrument Crafts For Your Kids
10+ Musical Instrument Crafts For Kids To Make And Play
Top 10 Musical Instrument Crafts For Your Kids
two small pieces of paper with toothbrushes in them
Recycling in a Big Way
DIY Up- cycled Bottle Cap Musical Click Clacker
a red and white christmas ornament hanging from a string
DIY Candy Cane Treble Clef Ornament
two pictures with different designs on them, one is made out of glass and the other has
How to make easy spin drum
Good for Penny Social, instead of water bottle noisemakers
paper cups are lined up on top of each other, with the words 6 awesome paper cup crafts
Home - The Craft Train
6 fun instruments all made from paper cups
there are many cake pops with glitter on them
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New Years cake pops
a pile of chocolate donuts with buttons on them
50 Funny 50s Retro Wedding Theme Ideas - Weddingomania
30 Funny 50s Retro Wedding Theme Ideas | Weddingomania
there is a lego room with two clocks on the wall and one in the floor -&nbspThis website is for sale! -  Resources and Information.
That's an old-fashioned radio there in the middle. It does sort of look like one, right? Kind of like this or this or this?
a man standing in front of a projection screen next to bottles and glasses on a table
Atelier van Licht – Blog
two people sitting at a table with colored circles on it
Atelier van Licht - Werkplaats van Licht (2015)
four different types of skis are shown in this image
Build an Amplifying Speaker Out of a Pringles Can
Create your own amplifying phone speaker out of a Pringles can! Click for directions and a demo video.
three plastic containers filled with colored powder on top of a black table covered in confetti
Glow in the Dark Glitter Recipe (Growing A Jeweled Rose)
Glow in the Dark Glitter Recipe
some balloons and confetti on a purple table with a clock in the middle
New Years Eve Party Hacks
Put Confetti in Clear Balloons PLUS 6 other Party Hacks #CafePress #CPGrads
how to make an ornament out of cd's, cds and glass
33 Adorable And Creative DIY Ornaments
Good garden to keep birds away. DIY: Mosaic Ornaments from CDs