The 'Blue Moon' Rose ~ by Cathy Sapp

The Blue Moon Rose. stands out against all the other roses in the memorial Garden, such a vibrant blue.

white ranunculus

white ranunculus - my Mum's a florist and she says these are stubborn flowers. they have twisty stems, like gerberas or poppies so they're tricky to work with but they made for beautiful wedding flowers

gabion garden walls

Gabion retaining wall between the house and pool that continues across the garden to the fence.

strakke rechte vijver

mooie vijver Chelsea Daily Telegraph Garden (by Christopher Bradley-Hole, same design would work well for a lap pool, at grade by patio or deck and raised in garden beyond.

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interesting city garden by Robert Broekema, Jos Verhorst, mix of textures & surfaces in a predominately green garden, grasses & boxwood & gravel & stone

Bauhaus design ideas work well in the design of smaller outdoor spaces. Here we see the ideals of rationality, functionality and the use of simplified forms brought together in a modernist courtyard garden

Modern treatment of lawn, wood and pavement. contemporary landscape by Dean Herald-Rolling Stone Landscapes

Mien Ruys Planting Design: Ornamental Grass Hedges

In this garden, designed by Mien Ruys who considered to be the mother of the current naturalistic planting movement, a Miscanthus hedge sits next to one that is traditional, clipped and evergreen