Leroy Theuniszen

Leroy Theuniszen

Leroy Theuniszen
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Jesus fish tattoo

There are many amazing Koi Fish Tattoos designs, but it is very important to wear the Koi Fish tattoos that conveys the intended meaning as in Japanese culture.

john mayer

itsasamboni: fuckyeahtattoos: John Mayer’s ‘The Heart of Life’ is one of my favorite songs. It helps me to see things in a positive way even when they don’t seem that way. Done at Glaube, Liebe, Hoffnung (Essen, Germany). This is so perfect.

Sport Logo Compilation design by: zerographics

Sport Logo Compilation design by: zerographics mascote, mascot, personagem, character


Bon Tatouage: Bon Iver lyrics tattoo - "and I could see for miles", from Holocene