Rebecca Louise Law on Her Installation at the Viacom Building in Times Square

Chantilly Snapdragons: bronze,light pink and light salmon. Snapdragons ~ I forgot all about these beautiful flowers. We had many colors of snapdragons when I was growing up! What a wonderful memory!

Spring flowers pale pastel florals

a very happy independence day '' Spring flowers pale pastel florals. maybe as a surprise on a bedside table?

hyacinths in vintage pots

I pinned this to remind me to plant new spring hyacinths in my old pots that are in storage. hyacinths in vintage pots

Very cool!  Love the lime slices, they add a ton of interest and conceal the very plain stems of the gorgeous gerberas! brendasweddingblog.com

Eye Candy Friday : v30 {simply beautiful floral arrangements}

zo leuk, fles van een bekend merk sap en deze vullen met tulpen en water. Zet de flessen op een theeblad, op tafel En tevens een theelichtje.

o nice bottle of a famous brand juice and fill with tulips and water.