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a sign that says drawing and what do artists draw? on the side of a wall
The Drawing Center
The Drawing Center | Elmwood's Art Studio More
a poster with writing on it that says art rubric and is in front of a white background
Adventures in Elementary Art!: Assessment
the famous artists'idea sheet is shown in black and white, with text on it
a piece of paper with drawings on it that says line s and k, in the middle
First Grade Artists
First grade artists spent the first art classes this year learning about different kinds of lines. We looked around the art room and found ...
an ink pen writing on paper with the word finishers written in black and orange
Genius Tricks to Transform 7 Common Art Room Leftovers
repurpose old glue- just add india ink! more ideas for recycling crayons, markers, bits of paint at end of day
ten art and craft projects for kids with the title 10 henni matissee projects for kids
Top 10 Henri Matisse Projects for Kids
The artist Henri Matisse worked on paintings, sculptures and collages. These 10 Matisse projects for kids will inspire them to create their own masterpieces!
a handwritten note from a child about trees
An Art Teacher's Journal. 3rd grade line projects. Students use Ys and Vs to draw trees.
an open notebook sitting on top of a wooden table
An Art Teacher's Journal. Owl drawing lesson - using lines, shapes and letters. First grade.
colorful paper plates with numbers on them are laid out on a long table in the middle of a room
Installation work
Paper bowls: Art @ Massac
an art project with clothes hanging on a line and clouds in the sky above it
Katie Morris Art
art idea--lesson that teaches careers in art (fashion), texture, painting monochrome and gradient, symbolizing personality...
children are painting pictures on paper at a table
Facial Features
Portrait lesson: kids paint facial features on notecards, arrange them on paper, then paint face around them.
an art poster with words and pictures on it
Art Masters in Early Elementary: Art History 101
photo of: Poster on Art room Door via RainbowsWithinReach