Leuke voelzakjes. Hersluitbare plastieke zakjes kan je vullen met haargel en voedselkleurstof. Knip een visje uit foam en werk de sluiting extra af met plakband.

Making squishy fishy aquariums in preschool

20 easy and fun educational activities for 2 year olds (make your own fish aquarium and put it on the window for the kids to play with.- one fish two fish red fish blue fish

Initiation Mandala01b

Mandalas,just love them.and this roundly shaped paper gives me ideas. Even could give every kid small cicrle to make theirown mandala.

Ballonnen tijgeren

obstacles- depending on water restrictions and if playing outside, fill some water bomb balloons with water to hang down. Place down a tarp and add a sprinkler and some bubble or washing detergent to crawl through- ensure solutions are safe for chn.

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